Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager™ MIS/ERP Release Now Available

The PrintJobManager team has made a number of changes and enhancements in the latest release. In addition to numerous tweaks and fixes, we have created several key new features:

New Enhanced Custom Fields:
We have enhanced our current “Custom Fields” functionality. Currently, users have the ability to create up to 5 custom fields for “Organization” and “Person”. With the new release, users can now create 6. In addition, PrintJobManager has added the ability to create fields for “Order” and “Job/Estimate”. These fields can capture additional information as determined by the user in a text box, drop-down selection, or radio button. These fields will appear in the updated User Interface (UI) for “Organization”, “Person”, “Order”, and “Job/Estimate”. Only the fields that are created will appear. If no custom fields are created, then none will appear.


All of the created custom fields will also have the ability to be seen inside of the current “List View”, and can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet with the rest of the job information.

User-Level Integration with Pressero:
As we continually grow and update our integration with our Pressero web2print software, previously a B2B or B2C storefront could only be associated with one “Organization” inside of PrintJobManager. All of the orders related to that particular storefront would appear under the “Storefront Organization” name in PrintJobManager.

With our latest release, we have the ability to sort the incoming jobs from Pressero and match them with existing customers that are already created inside of PrintJobManager. This allows a subscriber to have multiple customers inside of their B2B or B2C storefront. As customers place orders, they then are sorted and assigned to the appropriate organization inside of PrintJobManager.

Multiple Estimates to a Single Order:
Users now have the ability to add multiple estimates to an order. Previously each estimate was created as a single order. With this release, a user can add multiple estimates to a new order. Subscribers can also add estimates to existing orders.


Orders now have the ability to contain both “Jobs” and “Estimates” at the same time.

Updated UI:
PrintJobManager’s UI has been updated in this release. The previous “Create Job” and “Create Estimate” functions are now combined into one “New Order” selection. This now allows a user to start with the order information such as “Organization” and “Person” before then moving to create an “Estimate” or a “Job”. The new “Order” and “Job Views” will also allow for the use of new custom fields that can be created.


Enhanced Number-Up Calculations:
In our last release, we included an enhancement to provide calculations inside of the “Number-Up” field. In this release, we modified that feature by adding the ability to include “Quantity” components to those calculations. This feature creates the ability for variable calculations based on user-entered values.


Customers can now enter a custom size specification for a job and PrintJobManager can then make the appropriate “Number-Up” calculation based on the finished size.

Updated Shipping Integrations:
In the current release, we have updated our integrated shipping methods area and included more field selections based on the carrier’s options.


In addition to resolving some issues, the PrintJobManager team has added enhancements in product engine testing, UI enhancement, organization selection and updating the tax rate calculations.

For more information regarding PrintJobManager MIS/ERP, please visit

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Aleyant Announces the Availability of tFLOW 9

Features completely redesigned user interface and new third-party integrations for increased productivity, profitability

Aleyant recently released tFLOW 9, its affordable yet powerful digital workflow automation and customer service solution for commercial, large format, label, and specialty graphics.

“We’ve listened to user feedback and continued to stay current with the latest software development trends and techniques when it comes to tFLOW and the rest of our software portfolio,” said Darrian Young, Aleyant’s tFLOW Product Manager. “The result is an outstanding Version 9 of tFLOW that we believe will make our users more productive and profitable. Of particular note is the complete redesign of the user interface that will help users get work completed and out the door faster. It includes redesigned page headers, and new job and proof views that enable users to easily and quickly change job status, move jobs to production, move between proof and production files, view various versions and more. We look forward customer feedback as they begin to use the new version.”

Enhancements and Integrations

Version 9 of tFLOW now includes the ability to send customizable welcome emails for new user creation to enable them to easily view and approve jobs within tFLOW. In addition, Version 9:

  • Features tab-managed links that give users smarter access with public and private login links. tFLOW automatically recognizes which users have private and public access and allows them to use tFLOW accordingly.

  • Includes Approval Reminders with a “send reminder” option for users in the job screen to more easily follow up on required job tasks.

  • Has a more flexible API. It’s user-defined SmartPrep variables can be sent directly through an API to other applications with no development needed. In addition to the large number of standard variables included in tFLOW, users can also create their own custom variables.

  • With the tBOT auto file downloader, tFLOW now has the ability to separate cutpaths from artwork and send them to different systems for further processing. tBOT is the tFLOW downloading application that connects to RIPs, cutters and imposition systems.

  • The ability to automatically generate order-level email notifications to reduce back-and-forth emails with customers.

“One element of our development efforts that has always been at the forefront,” Young added, “is ease of integration with third-party applications. In addition to our custom integrations, we have also developed additional new integrations between tFLOW and EFI Pace MIS; Cyrious Software for estimating sign, graphics and print jobs; and the Presswise print management system from SmartSoft. These integrations join those we have already made available with Pressero, Corebridge, Netsuite and CRC Infosys.”

For additional information about tFLOW offerings, please visit or call +1.630.929.0104.



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Growing Revenue Without Increasing Headcount – Automation Basics for the Life of Your Workflow


Cogwheel Gear Icon on Blue Arrow.

Automation Basics for the Life of Your Workflow

For print providers, workflow is the difference between profitability and success or losing ground and revenue in an increasingly competitive business environment.

Tackling this issue head-on, a new white paper from Aleyant, a leading developer of print software designed to streamline and simplify commercial print operations, poses key questions for owners of print businesses. These include:

  • Are competitors’ offering lower costs that can be traced to superior workflows, and how can a print provider match or better the competition? 
  • How can you help customers take advantage of profitable capabilities such as variable data printing? 
  • How would business change if staff were more productive and could help develop new and more profitable opportunities?

Streamlining a print operation once meant optimizing manual and physical operations, mostly moving paper from one device to another. Most print providers have done a very good job with the physical side of this, but in an age of consolidation and an increasingly competitive business environment—when everything that can become digital is becoming digital—just streamlining manual processes is no longer enough.

But it is the foundation of a truly efficient and profitable automated workflow.

Aleyant’s new white paper, Is Your Print Shop Automated Yet?  What Are You Waiting For? provides guidelines for taking the first steps to creating and implementing a modular, powerful workflow that positions print providers to compete not only with local print businesses but with high-profile web-based commodity operations that are stealing market share from small to mid-sized commercial printers across North America.

Read the paper to learn how to think big while starting small, how to add automated job submission, estimating, eCommerce, and simplify variable data printing. You’ll find out how you can significantly streamline prepress and ways of enhancing MIS/ERP systems. In every instance, you’ll learn how automation can trim time and labor throughout virtually any offset or digital print operation while adding efficiency and profitability.

And, do this all without giving up the control that makes your business unique.

Download Aleyant’s new white paper today on and begin learning how automation can set your business apart.

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All New eDocBuilder Field Designer – Creating templates just got faster and easier!

With today’s release, we are introducing our new Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Field Designer. This free upgrade is a big time saver, it enables you see the template being created in real time — avoiding all that back and forth of having to set parameters, save, commit and click the testing tab to see what you did.

Instead,  you can make fields on the fly, move them, resize them all inside eDocBuilder’s admin area. Also, moving from one control area (Field Type, Data Capture, Properties, etc.) to another will be faster than the previous method of moving from tab to tab. Bonus, you can interactively create new templates (and edit existing templates!) without needing Adobe Acrobat or InDesign. Simple and easy, no extra software required.

The Field Designer is currently in Tech Preview Mode and further development is ongoing. Of course, regular updates is true of all Aleyant software including Pressero web to print ecommerce , PrintJobManager print MIS/ERP and tFLOW automated prepress, proofing, and approval.

With each update to the new eDocBuilder Field Designer we will be providing more capabilities and enhancements. But no need to wait, it already offers many features you can begin using now:

  • Create a new, blank template from scratch.
  • Add or remove existing template fields .
  • Move the position of your fields.
  • Set most of the user entry parameters for text and image fields.

You can start exploring (and using) the new Field Designer today. Don’t worry, options still under development are grayed out. For more detail, visit our support portal for a full update on what you can do with this new feature!

W2P online design field designer eDocBuilder

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New Aleyant Pressero™ Release Now Available

All New Interface for Setting Your Website Navigation Structure

An all new and easier to use Navigation area has been added to Pressero. Our main focus was to take advantage of new technologies that provide a more stable and easier to use interface. You’ll see a few new feature items added as well:

  • Individual menu view so you can focus on one area at a time.
  • Drag and Drop individual items immediately into the exact placement you want.
  • View history and revert to a previous change. We are saving your last 5 saves for you to revert back to.
  • Fold or expand the current menu items you are viewing by level.

For more detail on using this new navigation area, check out the support documentation here.


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