New Aleyant Pressero™ Updates Available Today – Site Impersonation by Other Site Users, Skin Updates & More!

We’ve added some exciting new features to Pressero that are available immediately.

Site Impersonation by Other Site Users

This new feature is available for B2B customers only. This change will allow a site user with given permissions, the ability to impersonate another site user from their same storefront. The access to another site user’s account can only be made from their (person impersonating) own portal. They can impersonate if:

  • Impersonation at the subscriber level is set to allow impersonation
  • Impersonation at site level is set to allowed or not set
  • Permission (child level of site level) must be set to allowed

When a user selects Impersonate from the list of users in their storefront, they will be logged out of their own account and they will be brought to the new user’s account without having to log in. Once logged into the other site users account, they will see all the same options that user would see themselves. If the person impersonating the user has different payment or shipping options available (as example) they should not be seeing those, they should only see what the impersonated user can see and order. If the person impersonating needs to impersonate other users accounts, they must return to their own storefront again and select the next user’s account from their list again.


Account must allow User Impersonation.



User must belong to a User Group with permission to edit all users and can impersonate users.



Set a master password for the site that will be used to automatically log the user in.



From the users storefront, go to Settings > Users, and select the “Impersonate” button, a new button added for this use. The user will now be logged into that account without having to provide a username or password.

Choose What File Type to Use for Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Proofs

When using eDocBuilder for your products, you can choose to include a proof file on the confirmation page when your customer completes their order. In the past this file was always a PDF file. We are now giving you the option of having a JPG or PNG file available for download instead.

You will find this new option by going to Sites > Settings > under the Checkout section > eDocBuilder File Type for Proofs.” By default it will create a PDF. By selecting the dropdown, you can choose JPG or PNG instead. Please note that both of these new file types are image file types so only the first page of the proof file will be available.

Skin Updates

  • Breadcrumbs are now available on the Responsive #6 & #7 skins
  • Added header logo and subscriber logo size options to Responsive #6 & #7 skins
  • Design change to Responsive #6 footer area to now include menu 4, site tagline and columns headers.
  • Added the ability to hide column headers and footer logo with Responsive #6


  • Small change in Responsive #7 footer design to include site tagline
  • Sidebar and footer content such as featured products and navigation areas will now be hidden if they contain no data for Responsive #6 & #7

Some Other Smaller Changes But Worth Noting!

  • Added Fastway shipping courier for South Africa
  • Added option control for the Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) to stop AWI from automatically unzipping all downloaded files.

For more information regarding Pressero’s web-to-print eCommerce software solutions, please visit

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Vote for Aleyant Pressero™, PrintJobManager™ and tFLOW for the 2017 Wide-Format & Signage Top Product Awards

Aleyant is proud to announce Aleyant Pressero, PrintJobManager and tFLOW have been nominated in Wide-Format & Signage’s 2017 Reader’s Choice Top Products Awards.

Now through February 24, 2017, readers and subscribers of Wide-Format & Signage (online and in print) and have the opportunity to vote for the products that have caused the most excitement in the industry and have been a valuable asset to wide-format print service provider’s businesses over the 15 months. From wide-format flatbed printers and wide-format media, to laminating equipment to inks, RIP software and scanners, Wide-Format & Signage’s Readers’ Choice Top Products Awards will recognize the products that are doing the most for a PSP’s bottom line.

Winners will be announced at the ISA show in Las Vegas, and featured in the April issue of Wide-Format & Signage magazine.

Place your vote here!

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February Monthly Webinar Recording Now Available for ‘Find Your Message – How to Drive Growth with Better Sales and Marketing Messaging’


How do you inspire action in a world where 86% of value propositions go in one ear and out the other? Learn how to better connect with your customers and potential leads in our webinar featuring Ben Reed, Co-founder and Partner of PitchMaps. In this webinar, Ben focuses on how B2B companies can get to the heart of what they need to be known for. First, you’ll discover a framework for elevating the conversation beyond just your products and services to a customer-centric “Cause” that reflects your core purpose and becomes your rally cry. Second, you will learn a simple five-point blueprint to make any B2B pitch more effective. Ben reviews how to craft your elevator pitch in a way that will resonate with your customers and leads.

View this webinar recording here.

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Aleyant Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™ Updates Released Today

We’ve added some exciting new features to Pressero and eDocBuilder that are available immediately.


Two New Payment Methods Available

Paysbuy is now available for customers in Thailand. The payments for this option are done on the Paysbuy site and do not require a security certificate in Pressero. For more information on this provider, go to: PayTabs is now available for customers in Bahrain. The payments for this option are done on the Paysbuy site and do not require a security certificate in Pressero. For more information on this provider, go to:

Tax ID Numbers Can Now be Added to Emails Generated by Pressero

When creating a custom email, use code ##TAX_ID## in the custom email to take advantage of this new tag. Please note: Creating custom emails is only available in the Professional and Enterprise Packages.


Now Add Response Sets by Excel Import

In the past if you had a lot of Response Sets to load for your eDocBuilder template, it could take some time to load. We now have added an import feature that allows you to add or edit Response Sets using an excel template we provide. To see this new feature, go to eDocBuilder admin > Select a template > click on the tab for “Response Sets.”


For more information on Pressero’s web-to-print eCommerce software solutions, please visit For eDocBuilder, please visit

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Aleyant tFLOW 6.2 Released Today



tFLOW is a powerful digital and large format prepress workflow automation software solution that simplifies difficult file management tasks and processes to optimize efficiency and production throughput. tFLOW’s modern and open architecture easily integrates with any Web-to-Print, MIS/ERP and Output Systems.

tFLOW eliminates redundant manual touch points and provides team communication tools for today’s workplace. Customers, sales representatives, prepress operators and production teams collaborate in real-time 24/7 with total visibility, eliminating lengthy email chains, text messages and calls that cause missed deadlines and costly mistakes and delays.

We’ve updated tFLOW in an effort to continue making businesses more efficient, and your job easier. Below is a short list of highlights of what you can expect to see when you login to tFLOW.

Amazon S3 Storage for Archival

Orders and Jobs can now be archived to Amazon S3 for cheaper long-term storage. Companies can keep current work online while moving all of the hi-res data of older job to their Amazon S3 account. If needed, information can be unarchived and brought back into tFLOW at any time.


Inventory Sheet

Users can create inventory sheets for any Order with the click of a button.


Inventory Sheets can be used for organizing production as well as shipping:


Two-Step Approval Workflows

Users can now choose between one-step approval workflows (how tFLOW has worked previously), and two-step approval workflows which allows internal users to review proofs before they are sent out to customers for approval. The workflow choice is defined during Order creation:


tFLOW Now Available in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese


User Interface (UI) Refactoring

Improvements in the UI provide a clearer interface as well as faster performance. See the new Orders area below:


API Improvement

API includes additional functionality, making it even easier to integrate with other solutions.

For complete revision history, visit here.

To learn more about tFLOW, visit here.

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