Aleyant Pressero™ Release Update: New Product Image Gallery Now Available!

Previously, a user could only add one image to a product in their Pressero storefronts. The new Image Gallery allows you to provide multiple images for each product, choose a primary image, set their order and view them in a gallery mode that is compatible with all device sizes.

This new feature actually was the result of Aleyant’s Annual Hackathon, where our development team breaks into small groups with the goal of creating an innovation for one of our products that will help make our customers’ businesses more successful. Once all ideas are submitted, our company votes on a winner. Congratulations to Jason, Arti, Sergio and Shraddha on winning this year’s Hackathon with this awesome new feature! Their intent was to create an Image Gallery to allow the print shop to feature more than one view of a particular product on their website, so their customers can better select a product that meets their needs.

Select here and check out the screenshots below for more detail on using this great new feature.  For our customers using a custom skin that want to take advantage of this feature, please select here for the directions you will need.

After adding your images, you can set which one to display as the primary image on the page, sort them in the order you would like, and preview how it will look on your page.



The above image shows the Image Gallery in the storefront. You can upload an unlimited number of images and set them the way you would like them to appear.

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2 Responses to Aleyant Pressero™ Release Update: New Product Image Gallery Now Available!

  1. Chris Yuhasz says:

    Okay – cool – but we really miss some of the simple things we used everyday that are no longer available – the ability to bring photos and images into the system and control the size once they are in. Also – we are still having to go back to the old version to control text wrap. around images –

    We use the system everyday – we are not advanced programmers – but those are two things that they took away that really slow us down – any chances of getting some of that control back and functionality that you spoiled us with?

    • aleyant says:

      Thank you for your comment. I believe you are referring to the limitations we had in the v6 text editor. Please do check out the Layout Builder we released that works in any of the text editors throughout Pressero. Not only will the Layout Builder allow you to specify the same image settings you enjoyed with v5, but it also saves all your layouts in 4 responsive versions so they display in all your various devices without any programming by you. Let our support team know if you have any questions on how to use this feature to do what you need.

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