Aleyant Web-to-Print Case Study: NextPrint Chooses Aleyant & FujiFilm XMF to Automate Workflow, Improve Profitability

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About NextPrint Oy: Located in Helsinki, NextPrint was formed two years ago when
two well-respected Finnish printing companies merged. Today, the company has 45 employees and a full range of printing services Xerox and Canon color digital presses as well as 4- to 8-color offset printing using Heidelberg and Komori presses.

Challenge: While NextPrint had been using Web2Print for some time, its system needed to be updated. The company was seeking a new solution that could meet the needs of today’s demanding print environment, including HTML5, the ability to integrate with
its Fujifilm XMF workflow, and an easy-to-use customer-facing Web interface that would help them attract new customers as well as better serving existing ones.

Solution: NextPrint chose Aleyant Pressero™ to meet its eCommerce needs. The company is also using Aleyant’s Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) to push Pressero jobs into XMF with full metadata. This solution supports both its offset and digital workflows.

Results: NextPrint implemented Aleyant’s Pressero Web2Print solution in the summer of 2015 and has more than 15 customer storefronts up and running, a number that continues to grow. “Customers like the system,” said Jari Ihanainen, Pre-Press and ICT Manager. “It is easy for them to use and to place orders, and we are working to get more customers on the system. It makes it more convenient for everyone, and customers are more likely to stay with us long-term because of the system.”

Ihanainen reports that the company has also acquired a number of new customers because of this implementation. Ihanainen points out that improving profitability was a driving
force in moving to a new Web2Print system. While specific revenue and profitability metrics were not made available, Ihanainen estimates that not only has profitability improved, but the company has been able to automate about 50% of its smaller jobs, including business cards. “These would normally have taken a fair amount of time in prepress,” he explains, “but now everything goes automatically to the print queue. This is a huge benefit for us.” He also states that even for more complex work coming through the system, the elapsed time on a typical job has been dramatically reduced. “It’s much faster with a lot less labor,” he says.

The ability to integrate Web2Print with the company’s XMF workflow was a determining factor in the selection process. “We’re using AWI to do that,” he says, “but most of the heavy lifting had already been done through collaboration between Aleyant and Fujifilm, so the implementation process was pretty easy. We just needed to customize a few things to fit our specific workflow implementation.” NextPrint is also taking advantage
of Aleyant eDocBuilder™, the variable data and template building solution included with Pressero. “Customers are able to use these templates to customize
content for each job yet stay within branding guidelines,” he says. “This significantly reduces the prepress work required and takes the graphic design burden off of the customer as well.”

NextPrint has been delighted with the service and support it gets from Aleyant. “We usually talk to their office in Spain,” Ihanainen says. “We have a great relationship with them and expect that to continue.” Ihanainen was in the process of installing XMF Remote at this writing. “That means we will be able to manage our workflow from mobile devices,” he reports. “It also means that customers will be able to soft proof in Pressero, including 3D visualization of their jobs, so that they can do everything online.” The future is bright for NextPrint and its customers as it continues to implement more Pressero functionality. “We are always looking for the next big thing from Aleyant,” he concludes, “and they do not disappoint!”

To read more details on this Aleyant case study and others, view here.



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