Recording Now Available for Aleyant Pressero + Compose’s QuickFit4Print Webinar

A recording of our recent web2print webinar titled ‘Learn How Aleyant Pressero’s Integration with Compose’s Ganging Module Can Save You Time & Costs’ now is available here. This webinar was hosted by Jeff Protheroe, Aleyant’s Vice-President of Sales for Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, along with Compose’s Greg Chan and Ken Lai. Together they demonstrated how Pressero users with Aleyant’s Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI) can integrate with Compose’s, QuickFit4Print, to realize cost and time-savings, especially in offset environments.

QuickFit4Print is a powerful intelligent multiple jobs ganging solution that is designed to handle print jobs of different sizes and print runs automatically; it can determine their optimal imposition layout for a predefined plate size or in the case of digital presses, a predefined paper size. QuickFit can streamline your production and provide labor and material cost savings.

Stay tuned to our blog for next month’s webinar topic.
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