5 Ways to Increase Visitors to Your Online Print Store

This past month Aleyant along with InCart Marketing, hosted a webinar series that focused on how you can grow and market your B2C web to print business with search marketing. The goal of this webinar series is to help you optimize your search marketing efforts with the right marketing mix so your visitors can easily find you online and begin making purchases.

Here’s our top 5 takeaways from these helpful sessions:

  1. Create Ads on Social Media Outlets that Look Like Regular Content – Banner and display ads don’t work so well anymore as most people ignore those formats. Ads that are most effective don’t look like ads, they look like content. Providers like Facebook, LinkedIn and others are more effective for advertisers and that’s why they are taking budgets from search advertising channels.
  2. Retarget Users that Visit Your Site – When people leave your website without buying anything, retargeting helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, use mobile apps, or search on any search engine. Biggest Benefit? Much lower click cost than search ads. Try a retargeting service like adroll.com.
  3. Create Videos to Drive Traffic to Your Site – By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. This is huge! Since most people these days are searching YouTube for more information, why not create a ‘How To’ Guide, Product Gallery or Idea Book video that features your products and solutions? Be sure to end your video by listing your company’s website address so visitors know where to go for more information.
  4. Content is King for Email Campaigns – When creating content for your email campaigns, remember to ALWAYS include a Hook, Offer and Call to Action. All search marketing starts with a hook. The subject line that draws in prospects. The hook brings prospects in and the offer compels them to act now. Also include a call to action such as an obvious click me button, graphic or stylized text that cannot be missed.
  5. Claim Your Google My Business Page – Make sure to complete your Google My Business Page so potential customers that are searching your business can easily find your contact information online. You can complete this page here. When adding your company’s information to your Google My Business page, be sure to:
  •  Add a thorough description with links.
  • Correctly categorize your business.
  • Use high-res photos for all images.
  • Upload many images.
  • Use a local phone number (not just an 800#).
  • Use the same business address everywhere online.
  • List your business hours.
  • Try to get reviews.
To download the full video recording of our recent search marketing webinars, visit here.
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