Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Adds Various New Features This Week

We have updated the eDocBuilder web-to-print variable data printing software with many new capabilities this week. Whether using eDocBuilder as an integration in your own print shop e-commerce solution, or as part of the Aleyant Pressero™ W2P software, you can immediately start taking advantage of these new capabilities. See below for specific details on these recent updates.

Template Filter for Forms or Interactive Designer

A new drop down filter box called ‘Template Type’ was added to the top of the main ‘Templates’ page. You can now filter to see only Forms Based, or Interactive Designer templates on their own. The default view is ‘All’. To switch from the default view, simply select either ‘Forms’ or ‘Interactive Designer’ from the drop down menu.


Removal of Summary Tab from Field Setup

The ‘Field Setup’ area has been simplified to allow faster editing of your templates. The ‘Summary’ tab has been removed and all the information it contained has been moved to more convenient areas so that it is viewable at all times. This is how the ‘Field Setup’ area now appears:


Field Name: Appears in the top bar of the field.

Page: Signifies the page of the master PDF the field appears on. Appears to the left of the field name, next to the sheet of paper icon.

Type: Signifies if the field is Image, Text, Nonprintable Area, or Barcode. A non-printable area is a field that is only used to convey information that will not be printed, it does not appear on the proof or production files. Any field moved into a field set as a non-printable area will also not show up on the proof or production file.  Appears to the left of page as an icon. The icons are:

Image : 2015-03-26_0838

Text: 2015-03-26_0839

Nonprintable area: 2015-03-26_0839_001

Barcode: 2015-03-26_0841

Width and Height: The width and height of the field will now appear as ‘Size’ under  the preview thumbnail. The unit displayed is always the unit that is chosen on the ‘Define Units’ drop down in the upper right corner of eDocBuilder.

‘Check All’ and ‘Uncheck All’ Options Added to Response Set Area

Response sets now have ‘Check All’ and ‘Uncheck All’ options to select from, which is helpful for templates with a large number of fields. To include a field in a response set, the field must be selected or checked off in the response set setup. Previously, you needed to check off each field that you wanted as part of the response set individually. Now you can simply click ‘Check All’ or ‘Uncheck All’ in your response set.


Variable Data File Uploads Now Provide ‘File Uploaded’ Confirmation

Variable data templates will now give the user a ‘File Upload’ success message after the file has been uploaded. The message will display the number of records uploaded and indicate the number of records that can be previewed.


Keyboard Controls Added to Interactive Designer Templates to Provide Greater Precision When Customizing

Three new controls have been added to allow users to more precisely customize Interactive Designer templates:

1. Moving fields with arrow keys
If a user is allowed to move a field, this can now be done using the arrow keys on the keyboard. A single press will nudge the field slightly and holding it will keep moving the field until the key is released.

2. Lock movement in certain directions when moving a field with a mouse
If a user is allowed to move a field, they can lock the movement to only Up, Down, Left, Right and 45 degree angles. To do this, hold the shift key while dragging the field.

3. Lock rotation to 45 and 90 degrees when rotating a field with a mouse
If a user is allowed to rotate a field, they can lock the rotation to either 45 or 90 degrees by holding the shift key while rotating the field.

Set Default Text Size for User Added Text Fields on Interactive Designer Templates

If users are allowed to add a text field in an Interactive Designer template, you can now set the default font size. To do this, edit the template, then go to the ‘Template Info’ tab. From there, scroll down to the bottom section called ‘Interactive Options’. Enter in the font size under the field, ‘Default Font Size for New Text’.


Pull Information from a Profile Field (But Do Not Allow Users to Edit)

A template can now be set up to protect a Profile Field so that a user can see content on the template but not make any edits. For example, you might want to have the user’s name appear on the template but do not want them to be able to edit it.

To set this up on your template, go to the ‘Field Setup’ area of the template and then to the field you need to edit. On the ‘Data Capture’ tab, set the ‘Profile Field Type’ to the type of data you want pulled, for example ‘Full Name’, then check ‘Protected Field’.

When a user customizes the template, their name will appear on the template, but there will will be no field on the left for them to edit, per example below.

However, the behavior has not changed for non-Profile Field types. Checking ‘Protected Field’ without selecting a ‘Profile Field Type’ will continue to make the field invisible to the user on both the template and the field list on the left. The data for that field will appear on the production file.


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