Aleyant Pressero™ Adds DragonPay as a Payment Method; Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) Adds Setting Options

We have updated Pressero and AWI with some great new features that you can immediately start using today.


For customers located in the Phillipines, DragonPay has been added as a payment method option. This payment method does not require an SSL Certificate/in-store credit card processing be set up in the site in order to use the payment method. Be sure to first set up an account with DragonPay and get a Merchant ID and a Security Code before updating your payment methods in Pressero.

How to Set Up DragonPay in Pressero

•Go to Preferences>Payments within Pressero
•Choose to Create New Payment Method
•Name the method
•Enter your Merchant ID, and Security Code. These were assigned to you by DragonPay
•If you go to Sites > Settings > Payments tab, you will now see that you can “turn on” this method in the site by clicking the box next to the payment method name

For further information regarding how to set up your payment methods, click here.

Additional AWI Setting Options

Users will need to set their URL, data center and domain when they login for the first time after updating to the latest version of the AWI.  If you choose “Remember me”, it will remember that login setting each time you login.  You can also choose the URL, data center and domain in the settings area after you have logged in.

Users who are currently using our Singapore data center will no longer need to make changes to their configuration when installing the latest version of the AWI.  You can simply select your URL and data center on the login screen and/or the settings tab.  Also, users with multiple accounts using the AWI will now be able to select their desired domain on login and/or in the Settings tab.

When entering the AWI, you will notice the following updated login screen:


Then follow these steps for each field:

1)  Username and Password – Enter the Username/Email and password login credential for the Pressero Admin User account you created for AWI.

2)  Admin URL – The default admin URL is  If your account is located in our Singapore data center, then you will want to change this to

3)  Data Center – The default Data Center is Chicago.  If your account is located in our Singapore data center, then you will want to select Singapore from the dropdown list.

4)  Domain – If your username and password exist in more than one Pressero account, you will be able to select the domain to which you would like to connect.

5)  Remember me – Check the optional “Remember Me” box on the login to have the application remember your login and password. If this option is selected, AWI will automatically login and start processing. You will also be prompted when closing down the program.

6)  Click the “Connect” button to launch the application.

Users can also click on the “Settings” button in the lower right hand corner of the AWI screen to open the Settings window and update their settings. Click here for more information on AWI settings.


Once you are ready to download the latest application, click here for installation and update instructions.

For more information regarding Pressero web-to-print workflow and storefront solutions, see

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