Australia Welcomes Aleyant Systems

Aleyant Systems recently sent a team to Sydney, Australia to conduct training for Quote & Print Software, an Australian-made Print Management Information System. During the week they were there, Jeff Protheroe; Aleyant’s Vice President of Sales, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Terri Wymore; Vice President of Client Services, met the Quote & Print sales team and showed them how to setup, use, and sell the Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print solution and Aleyant eDocBuilder™ variable data and online template design software.

The event was well attended with representatives from across the ANZ region that sell the Quote & Print MIS solution to the print market.

Pressero/eDocBuilder and Q&P’s MIS solution are a great, complementary fit. The MIS is the heart of a production facility, while the Aleyant solutions provide a professional, customer-facing e-commerce solution that simplifies the ordering process for the print buyer.

Thank you, Sydney, for a welcoming us with great time and a wonderful experience!

Q & P Resellers Dinner Outing

Aleyant Systems and Q & P Resellers enjoying a lunch break after training on the software services

web-to-print and online design solutions

Learning about web-to-print and online design solutions available through Aleyant Systems.

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