Fujifilm Integrates Pressero W2P

Aleyant Pressero™ is a next-generation Web-to-Print e-commerce system that offers a great workflow solution for Fujifilm XMF and XMF Remote. Fujifilm and Aleyant Systems have worked closely together to fully integrate Pressero and Fujifilm Workflow, providing users a seamless workflow that takes jobs all the way from the web through production.

“It’s a great solution with our portfolio of workflow solutions, including Fujifilm XMF and XMF Remote, and offers a low cost of entry web-to-print solution with unlimited B2B and B2C support. Pressero is simply a great solution for our wide range of customers,” according to Jason Kammes, business development manager, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “This is a win-win situation for Fujifilm and Aleyant Systems, LLC”

w2p workflow with Fujifilm XMF and XMF Remote
Read more about how Pressero is a great solution for Fujifilm! 

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