New Web-to-Print Productivity Feature: User Impersonation

Web to Print software solutions such as Aleyant Pressero enable a print service provider to publish, operate and manage a potentially unlimited number of printshop e-commerce websites that sell printing and related services. When a customer of one of these sites or portals needs help, sometimes it’s helpful for you to be able to see and experience what your customer sees by logging in as them.

Often this can be time consuming for both you and your customer. We are happy to announce that our developers have released an update to Pressero for impersonating a user with a single click!

Impersonating a User in a Web-to-Print Storefront

Within this new web-to-print feature you are able to log into a W2P site as a different user without needing or knowing their credentials. Among many other benefits, this will enable you to easily view how a site looks to an individual user or to troubleshoot any issues your users may encounter when trying to place an order. Thanks to all our clients who gave us feedback about this convenient new feature!

How to Turn On the “Impersonate a User” W2P Feature

Go to Admin > Preferences > General Setting

Available within B2B and B2C sites but will most commonly be used for B2B sites

Pressero W2P settings

Notice the new “Allow User Impersonation” check-box

Check the box and create a site master password for universal login.

Click Save when you are finished

To access this feature go to Sites > Site > Site Users. You will see a green arrow has now been added next to each users name. (Admin needs to have “Can Manage All Users” permission to do this).

Pressero Web to Print User Admin

After making an order as an impersonator, the site user will receive the email verification as if they ordered it themselves.

Web-to-Print is All About Convenience—for Both You and your Customer

With the new User Impersonation capability, Aleyant’s Pressero raises the bar yet again. If you would like some assistance or have questions, submit a support request, and we will be happy to help you!

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One Response to New Web-to-Print Productivity Feature: User Impersonation

  1. Randy Beck says:

    Excellent addition with the User Impersonation. In an ideal world, this shouldn’t been needed, but with my clients, we’ll be using this all to frequently. Thanks for being proactive.
    Randy Beck

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