SafeSave and ANZ eGate Payment Integration Now Available

SafeSave Payments and ANZ eGate are the two newest payment gateways available for integration with Pressero’s web-to-print storefronts. The SafeSave Payments Gateway uses a variety of innovative techniques including encryption, browser-redirection, and tokenization to provide state-of-the-art processing of account data. ANZ eGate is also a safe and convenient way of accepting card payments available for Pressero customers in Australia and New Zealand.

To configure the integration, select “SafeSave Standard” or “ANZ eGate” from the Method Type menu when adding a new payment method in Preferences > Payments. For SafeSave Standard, enter your merchant login, password, and hash value. For ANZ eGate, enter your merchant ID and merchant access code. For both methods, click “Save” when you are finished. Finally, enable the new payment method in your B2B or B2C storefronts by selecting it in Site > Settings > Payments.

Click here for more information about payment integration with the Pressero web-to-print solution.

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