Zone Shipping Now Available in Pressero

Zone Shipping methods are now available in Pressero, Aleyant’s web to print solution. This shipping type is based on shipping location and product weight, but is not tied to any of our integrated shipping partners.

To set up a zone shipping method in your account, go to Preferences > Shipping > Shipping Methods and click “Create New Shipping Method.” In the Carrier dropdown list, select “Non Integrated Zone.” A zone configuration area will then appear.

Zone Shipping setup in Pressero's web to print software

Zone Shipping configuration area is in gray. Note that all the standard shipping options (weight limits, handling, minimum charge, and free shipping) are still available for zone methods.

To set up your zones, enter geographical qualifications–at least a country, but you can be as specific as a certain postal code–and a cost per weight unit. The weight unit (lb vs. kg) and currency are determined by the culture setting of your site. Then click “Add New Rate To List.” Each rate you add will appear in a list to the right of the zone configuration options. You can click on a rate and use the up- and down-arrow buttons to move the rate higher or lower in priority.

For example, the following setup:Zone Shipping Configuration for Web-to-Print Storefrontswould result in a user:

  • getting free shipping to postal code 60187
  • paying $0.25/lb to ship to a Wheaton, IL postal code other than 60187
  • paying $0.50/lb to ship to a city in Illinois other than Wheaton
  • paying $1.00/lb to ship to any location in the United States other than Illinois.

Another useful feature of zone shipping is that wildcards are supported for postal codes. For example, if you enter 60* in the Postal Code field, it will apply that rate to any postal code beginning with 60.

Click “Save” when you have configured all your zones and rates. To assign the new zone shipping method to a site, go to Site > Settings > Shipping tab; check the box next to your new method and click “Save.”


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