New Features Introduced in eDocBuilder 2.9.1

We recently released eDocBuilder version 2.9.1 and are excited to tell you about some of the great new features in our HTML 5 Interactive Designer!

    • Final Template Preview – Users are given the opportunity to look through a final draft of their customized document, exactly as it will appear on the production file. They can zoom in and out and also tab through all the pages to easily make sure everything is just as they want before finalizing their order.
      Interactive Designer provides accurate preview for web to print software.

      Interactive Designer’s new final preview area: Tab to different pages on the left. Zoom/pan controls are at bottom right.

      • Enhanced Template Loading and User Feedback – We’ve updated all our JavaScript libraries to take advantage of the latest internet technology, resulting in faster loading times. Templates now also show loading indicators, giving instant feedback to users.
      • Improved image cropping permissions – In an image field’s Rules tab, the Cropping menu now has three options: 1) Preserve aspect ratio (constrains the image to the field’s proportions), 2) Crop to any aspect ratio (allows the user to adjust the image proportions), and 3) No cropping (does not allow user to crop image at all).
      • Improved Image Border Control – Users can add borders to their images and control the border color and size (now up to 50pt). To allow your clients to use this functionality, make sure “Can change border” is checked in a field’s Rules tab.

        Interactive Designer allows customization of image border for web to print software.

        The user has added a black 10pt border to the photo.

      • Spell-check Capabilities in Text Fields – The Interactive Designer now works with your browser to provide spell-checking in text fields. Look for the red underlining to see if a word is possibly misspelled; right-click the word to view suggestions.

        spellcheck in online interactive designer for web to print

        Misspelled words are underlined in red in the text editor.

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