Aleyant Goes to India

Aleyant recently had the opportunity to send a representative to India on a trade mission, and I was the lucky guy! It was an eye-opening and memorable experience!

Web to Print via Air India

The 13 hour flight gave me a chance to catch up on some reading, though sadly I had accidentally left my copy of SEO for Dummies at home, something I had planned to devour during the flight.

Web to print visit to IndiaAfter passing through customs, the hotel driver gave me a detailed running commentary of the area and sights we passed, like a towering 50 ft tall golden statue of Vishnu in the back-lot of a Bollywood studio. The Delhi area is experiencing amazing growth, with construction cranes dotting the sky everywhere. The people I met were uniformly cordial, helpful, and friendly. And the food? The food was excellent. I ate “veg” Indian food morning, noon, and night, except for one notable excursion for a fantastic Tandoori chicken meal. Web to print road trips can be delicious!

PrintPack Trade Show

Aleyant web to print at PrintPack IndiaThe four day PrintPack trade show was well stocked with about 350 exhibitors. I was able to wander the show floor, a rare luxury as I am usually chained to a booth when at a trade show.

In the course of my wanderings I met with a number of exhibitors and had the opportunity to sit down with many to discuss the workings of the Indian printing industry. As you might expect, there are similarities with printing elsewhere in the world, as well as some important differences.

Lunch and dinner were looked forward to not just because of the delightful food, but also  the many networking opportunities.

Camels, Cows, Horses, Monkeys, Goats, Dogs, Pigs and Peacocks, Oh My!

Aleyant at Taj MahalAlthough this was a business trip, I was able to get to the Taj Mahal on the last day and experience one of the seven wonders of the world. It was magnificent, and something I will always remember.

The trip to the Taj was marked by sightings of many more animals on the street than I am used to, including camels, cows, horses, monkeys, goats, dogs, pigs and peacocks. I only wish my camera had been out when the camels came down the road, haha.

Who knew the world of web to print would someday include a trip to India?

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3 Responses to Aleyant Goes to India

  1. Thanks for sharing.
    Namaste !

  2. Steve Ciesemier says:

    Aleyant will next be going to Sao Paulo, Brazil for Expo Print Digital 2013. See for details.

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