Pressero v5.0 Released!

Pressero v5.0 was released this past weekend. Some of the items we think you will be most excited about are listed below.

Administrative Updates and Added Features

  • All new “Fly-Out” navigation for your Pressero admin area: This change was designed to increase the amount of screen area you have available to work and manage your sites.
  • Universal Login Page. If allowed on a site, then the login page for that site will permit users of any of your sites to login from there. Find this new option in the Site Folder > Settings > General Info tab.
  • Different Email Sender per Site. You can now have the sender name and email address in the “From” address area for all email notifications be different for each site you create. You will find a new tab in your site folder for “Email Notifications”. Information here will override the default set in Preferences.
  • Set categories for Asset page: You can optionally assign an asset to a category you have defined. This can be helpful if you have a large number of assets available to your customer.
  • User Import/Export: Now when you download the database file for managing site users, it will contain the current records so you can change/edit the user information and re-import to update the records. Also, this Excel file you download will have exactly the same header layout that is required for importation.

New Options for Your Customers Shopping Experience

  • Product Quick View: Optionally launch a “pop-up” window containing minimal product information on the main product list page. This will allow the customer to get information about the product and even add it to cart without having to link to the actual product page.
  • Teaser Price. Optionally set a price to display below the product image on the product listing page. You will find this option in the product setup on the “General” tab.
  • Suggestive Selling: Give your customer suggestions of other products they may be interested in, and have them display at the bottom of the product detail page. You can set these related products in the Site > Products > General tab, under the “Product Detail Page” section.
  • Sort order for Products. Like categories, you can now set the order in which you would like products to display either on the main (root) page, or within its category.

Advanced Shopping Cart Features Added

  • Breadcrumbs will now display on the website pages. These Breadcrumbs will show the customer the path which brought them to the particular product page they are viewing, and allows them to click within the path to quickly link to another page. Example: Products > Envelopes > #10 Window Envelopes
  • Additional Product Sorting Options: Allow the customer the option of changing the sort order of the products. Options are default, Default: Reverse, Alphabetically, or Alphabetically: Reverse. If you take advantage of the Teaser Price option, they will also be able to sort by Price: Low to High, or Price: High to low.
  • Paging for sites with a lot of products. Instead of a long list of product or categories, your customer can now page through to the next set.
  • Customer Identification. Your customer’s name will now display on the home page after they have logged in.
  • Recent History. A list of the pages your customer has visited will display on the home page for them to quickly link back to.
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4 Responses to Pressero v5.0 Released!

  1. Rick says:

    Hi, Looks like you’ve been busy!
    Can you explain the Universal Login a bit more. When to use, best practice, etc.
    Looking forward to checking out the new features.

  2. Terri Wymore says:

    Hello Rick, We hope you like the changes!
    The Universal Login allows you to create a site(s) that all of your customers can log into from one place. A common scenario would be that you have an informational/static website for your company, and you want all of your corporate customers to come to your website to log into their private B2B portals, instead of logging into their sites using their own unique URL. This way your customers can see new services that you are offering, or specials that you are running whenever they go to your site to log in to their portal.

    I hope this information helps!

    • Don Schoen says:

      How do you distinguish userids/pws if they’ve been copied during creation of a new site from an existing site? What site would they see when they log on?

      I don’t mean that it’s usual for a new site to include the copied-from site users, but that IS an option.

      • aleyant says:

        Don, if a user exists on two or more of your sites (having identical logins and passwords) then the user will be prompted to select which site to be logged on to.

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