Pressero v4.12.1 Released

We released Pressero v4.12.1 over the weekend.  The most notable new feature in this release is the ability to duplicate an entire site.  We anticipate you’ll find this capability helpful in a number of ways. For example, you may want to create a “starter” site that you can then replicate any number of times whenever you need a new site.  Or if your strategy is to have multiple b2c sites targeting offering similar products but targeting different audiences you could create the site once, replicate it, and then modify each site accordingly.

To duplicate a site, go to “Duplicate Site” in the admin interface, under the “Sites” area.  Fill in the site name and domain name for the target site, select which site to copy, and select whether the new site should be b2b or b2c.  When ready, click the “Duplicate Site” button.

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