Pressero 4.11.11r2 Released

Over the weekend we released Pressero 4.11.11r2.  As usual, this release contains a number of minor tweaks, fixes, and adjustments.  You’ll see in the user administration page that we’ve redesigned the interface, making searching for users significantly easier.  As you can see from the screen snip below, you can search by the user’s name, email, boss, location, or group membership:

The major part of this release is a completely redesigned payment module that you can enable when you are ready.  The new payment adds as an option and centralizes all your available payment methods.  On a per site basis you can decide which payment methods to support.

You can define more than one instance of a payment method, using different credentials.  For example, if you have a Pressero site you manage for a broker, you could create two instances of a PayPal method; one for you and one for your broker.  In the site for the broker, you would select the PayPal instance you setup for the broker, which would result in her PayPal credentials being used.  In other sites where you deal directly with the print buyer, you would select the PayPal instance you setup for your own account.  You can setup of multiple instances of any payment method type (including, which results in an amazing amount of flexibility for working with different print distributors and customers.

To get started, go to the Payments tab in Preferences –> General Settings.  Click the red button to convert your Pressero account to the advanced payments method.  Next, you will see a new payments administration screen under Preferences.  Navigate to this page to start defining additional payment methods.  To enable a method on a site, to go the Payments tab in the general settings for a site.  Check off which methods to make available.  You can provide an alternate name for the method to be used on the site as well as a custom message to appear.

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