4 Rules For Simplifying Mobile Shopping


As recently seen in Forbes, click here to view this helpful infographic to learn how to make your customers’ online experience easier.


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Aleyant tFLOW Version 9 Has Arrived

tFLOW version 9 is packed with some great new features that will supercharge your print shop’s efficiency, helping you get jobs completed and out the door quicker. See below for more details on these new features.



New UI – Our redesigned page headers make tFLOW easier to use. In addition, the new job and proof views enable users to easily and quickly change job status, move jobs to production, move between proof and production files, view various versions and more!

New UI.002


Welcome eMail – We’ve added the capabilitiy to send customizable welcome emails for new user creation to enable users to easily view and approve jobs within tFLOW.

Welcome email.002


Tab-Managed Links – tFLOW now enables users to have smarter access with public (no log in required) and private login links. tFLOW can automatically recognize which users have private and public access and allow them to use the tFLOW accordingly.

Browser tabs.002


Approval Reminders – You asked and we delivered. tFLOW now has a “Send Reminder” option for users in the job screen, which allows users to follow up easily on needed job tasks.

Send Reminder.002


More Flexible API – tFLOW’s user-defined SmartPrep variables can be sent directly through API with no development needed. tFLOW already has a comprehensive list of readily available variables for you to use, but the good news is that if there is something you need but can’t find, you can create your own!

Flexible API.002


Coming Soon! Order-level email notifications will be available soon, which will greatly reduce back and forth emails with customers.

For more information regarding tFLOW, visit tflowworkflow.com.

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New Aleyant eDocBuilder™ Release Now Available

Support Added for Multi-Page Background Colors for Interactive Designer Templates

Prior to this release, you could assign different sets of background images to each of the pages in your template, but when it came to selecting a background color, the choice you made applied to all pages in your template. With this update, they both work the same way. You can now decide for each page in your template what (if any) background images or colors you would like to have available to your customer while customizing the template. One page may have no background options available, another might have two specific image options, while another might have other images along with solid background colors. See images below:


In the image above, you can see that Background Page Options now applies to both images and color options. You can either apply the choices made to All Pages, or select each page and decide exactly which image or colors can be used on that specific page.

background fill

Above: For page 1 of our template, the customer is selecting a blue background and then on page 4 they’ve selected magenta while leaving all other pages without a background color.


For more information regarding eDocBuilder Online Design & VDP, please visit edocbuilder.com.

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What’s Holding Your Print Business Back?


As seen recently on whattheythink.com, Jennifer Matt shares the number one thing that holds print businesses back – fear. This software won’t work for our print business — a conclusion that can be the result of weeks’, months’, even years’ worth of time and money. Nobody wins in this outcome. Yet, it is an all to common result of failed software implementations. Read more: http://bit.ly/2HjMh1b

Please note: this article requires premium membership access to view on whattheythink.com.

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Latest Aleyant Pressero™ and eDocBuilder™ Releases Now Available


Downloading a Proof PDF on Form-Based Templates
You can now download a PDF Proof while customizing a Form-Based Template. This feature was previously only available on Interactive Designer templates and within the Pressero storefront. To set this up, select the option “Allow Downloading Proof PDF” which is found on the “Template Info” tab when setting up the template in eDocBuilder. This option will become available to your customer after completing the required fields and Updating Preview. Note: If you plan to use this option, we highly recommend that you also add Preview Watermark Text in the Template Info tab as the proof the user downloads will be the same resolution as your production file. The Preview Watermark will put a translucent text block on the proof PDF that the customer downloads. Select here for ways to make proofs available to your customers through eDocBuilder and Pressero.

download proof
Update to the InDesign Plugin and Support for InDesign 2018 Now Available
On February 15, 2018 we released version 1.2.8 of the InDesign Plugin for eDocBuilder.
In this release, the configuration screen for the plugin has been simplified, and now also displays what version of the plugin you are using. These changes were made to the current and all previous versions of the plugin. In addition to the updates, we also released the plugins for both Mac and Windows version of InDesign 2018. For more information, and to download the plugins, visit this page of our documentation.


Amazon Added to Single Sign-On Options Available in Pressero Storefronts
As most of you are already aware, Pressero supports Single Sign-On (SSO) allowing your customer to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access their storefronts. With this last release we have now added Amazon to the list of available Open Authorization (OAuth) methods available. For more information, please refer to our documentation.

A New Version of AWI is Available
AWI Installer Downloads (updated 2/21/2018) are now available. It is highly suggested that you keep your version of AWI up-to-date to avoid any problems and to take advantage of bug fixes and feature updates. Select here to download the latest installer downloads.

Detail Tab Added to Pressero Admin > Orders
We added a new “Details” tab to the order area when you select the edit option for an order. You will now immediately see the most important information about the order without having to tab through all the various areas to gather that information. The additional tabs can be used for editing the order and not necessarily to gather the information for the order. See image below.

detail tab


For more information regarding Pressero and eDocBuilder, please visit aleyant.com.



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