Don’t Forget to Register for PDF Camp Las Vegas!


PDF Camp Las Vegas 2018 is a technical event focused on PDF and how to get the most out of its capabilities with Aleyant tFLOW and callas pdfToolBox (which is the PDF engine integrated in tFLOW). Don’t expect sales pitches! We’ll give you technical know-how on PDF file formats and standards as well as preflight and file fixing/modification capabilities. You’ll learn how to accomplish very practical tasks in your workflow.

Register Here Today!

Date & Time:
The event takes place on February 5 & 6, 2018. We’ll start at 9:30 AM and end at 5 PM. Don’t forget that breakfast starts at 8:30 AM.

Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower
2000 Las Vegas Blvd. S
Las Vegas, NV. 89104
Phone: +1 702-380-7777

The agenda will be available soon. It will include your own questions or topic suggestions, so don’t hold back on telling us what you are interested in while you register. We’ll do our best to honor all such requests during this day. Don’t forget to bring your own laptop, so you’ll get the most out of each topic.

A PDF Camp Las Vegas conference ticket costs $264.99. We are offering a special discount to SMA customers for $159.99.

The conference fee includes:

  • Practical work on solutions to your PDF requirements & questions
  • Using tFLOW or any callas product
  • Direct contact with callas software and Aleyant developers, product management & general management
  • Continental breakfast on February 5 & 6
  • Lunch on February 5 & 6
  • Coffee breaks in the morning & in the afternoon

The Stratosphere Hotel offers really good deals. Take a look!

We hope to see you there!
Your callas, Aleyant & Four Pees team


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Latest Aleyant Pressero™ Release Now Available – This is a Big One, Don’t Miss It!

Product Name and Number of Items Added to Order Detail Head Area

Once inside the Order Detail area, it can be easy to lose track of what item you are editing. To help with this, we’ve added the Name of the Product along with the number of items in that order to the top of all the Order Detail tabs as seen in the screenshot below.

order detail

New Layout Builder Image and Text Layout Options

The Layout Builder is an advanced interface used to assist in creating complex responsive layouts for Pressero content. The Layout Builder provides pre-defined layouts that can easily be dragged and dropped to the content of the page. Based on customer feedback, we added three new layouts to the library. The three new layouts can be found under the “Text and Image” area. Each has images above 2, 3, and 4 column text layouts (see screenshot below).

layout builder


Above you will see the three new layouts added to the Text & Image area in the Layout Builder.


New Payment Provider: NAB Transact

A complete solution from National Australia Bank that allows you to process online, phone and mail order payments. For more information on this payment provider, visit here. The integration is considered a backward payment method meaning that the credit card is not processed on the Pressero website, but rather the customer is taken to the NAB website for processing once the order is placed.

New Shipping Integration with Australia Post eParcel

The earlier integration with Australia Post (Domestic and International Parcels) can only return a flat rate even when a customer ID number is entered. The new eParcel Integration will now return shipping costs depending on the user ID number and the customer agreement with Australia Post. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Username, Password and Account Number you have setup with Australia Post needs to be entered in the Carrier Accounts tab in Admin > Shipping prior to creating the new Shipping Method. For more information on setting up this new shipping method, visit our support portal here.

Australia Post2

Non-Integrated Zone Shipping Update

Non-Integrated Zone Shipping allows you to set a shipping cost associated with either the country, state/province, city, and/or postal code. Now customers won’t miss the available zone shipping options they have available to them when requesting a shipping quote prior to ordering, since Pressero will look to see if you have any zone shipping methods available, and if you do, Pressero will add State/Province and City to the Country and Postal Code prompts that can be completed.

zone merge


Here you can see a Non-Integrated Zone Shipping method that has been set up in Admin. When this method is activated for a site, Pressero will recognize this and provide two new prompts when getting shipping estimates both on the Product Page and in the Shopping Cart.


Skinning Option Made Easier

Currently by default the names of the products and categories shown in the website are truncated with an ellipse when they do not fit allowed space. This is to ensure that the grid is uniform. There was an option in some skins that did this by using CSS code that was shown in the skin setup area of admin. We have made this option easier to enable and disable for those skins, by adding a simple checkbox. In the first screenshot below, you will see this option in Admin > Site > Skins > Customize Skin > Additional Skin Options > Field: “Single line product headings”. Check this box if you would like to truncate product and category titles to a single line and show ellipse. Uncheck if you would prefer to show the entire name even if it goes to multiple lines. This option is available on all v6 responsive skins (Responsive #6, #7, #8, #9, Algernon and Clean and Clear). The second image shows how a Product Title looks truncated.



Uncheck the option “Single line product headings” if you would prefer to show the entire Product or Category Names in the storefront, even if that forces them to multiple lines.


ellipse product name


This image shows how a Product Title looks truncated allowing the grid to stay uniform.


More Detail Displayed in Storefront

Previosuly, there were a few items that were only viewable for a store’s list of Locations or Addresses if you edited them. Now the initial “Locations” tab in a storefront will show Business Name, Phone, Fax and eMail in addition to all the other detail that was already being shown. And in the “My Addresses” view, you will also have the Business Name displayed. (See two images below).

location new info


The highlighted fields were added to the initial view of the Locations tab within a storefront.


my address


The highlighted field was added to the initial view of the My Addresses tab within a storefront.


For more information regarding Pressero Web-to-Print, please visit










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Latest Aleyant PrintJobManager™ Release Now Available

The PrintJobManager team has made a number of changes and enhancements in last two releases. In addition to numerous tweaks and fixes, we have created four key new features:

New Estimate PDF
We have completely redesigned the PDF version of the estimate to make it more readable and professional looking.


In the new version, as referenced in the screenshot above, your company name and address appear at the top left and center (A), Estimate details at the top right (B), the “click here to accept or reject” link is still on the PDF just moved to the center of page (C), Product engine name and details are located here (D) and quantities with Unit price as well as total price with approval line for signature are here (E). Since this is a PDF, this can be easily printed for a confirmation signature. Or you can simply click on the accept or reject link to process electronically.

Custom Status Enhancements
The other main feature in our current release involves the new Custom Statuses area. Now you have the ability to adjust the order of their custom statuses. While you cannot change the overall order of the 7 predefined statuses, you may rearrange the custom statuses.


Above you will see the 3 Custom statuses order rearranged. By grabbing the icon (A), you can move the item up or down in the list. All 3 custom statuses have been moved (B).


In the List Manager, you now have the option to filter by any custom status you create by selecting it in the Status list box. Alternatively, if you set the tab option to Status, you can set the Initial Tab to be any custom status, in addition to the predefined statuses.

New Import and Export Capabilities
PrintJobManager has supported an export/import to/from excel option in the Materials section. By popular demand, we have extended this capability to the People, Organizations, and Production Processes section.

In the People or Organizations section, click the gear icon in the upper left hand corner to export or import. Note you can also download the Excel template for an import:


To import and export Production Resource data, you need to first assign permission to the appropriate admin group(s). Edit the admin group and check the “Import” and “Export” boxes under the “Production Resources” section. You may then export and import using the gear icon in the Production Resources section.

Please note these new features are marked as beta. Let us know if you experience any problems when using this.

Better Pricing Integration with Pressero
PrintJobManager’s price group capability allows you to set custom pricing or mark up/down values and associate them with customers. Until now, only the default pricing information was available for integration with Pressero. Now you can publish price group specific pricing into Pressero.

In the Product Engine area, under the Integration ID section, select the price group that you would like to publish into Pressero. Selecting the group will provide you with the correct integration code that you can use in Pressero:


For more information regarding PrintJobManager MIS/ERP, please visit

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Did You Miss the December Aleyant eNewsletter?


Get caught up on all things Aleyant and check out our latest eNewsletter here.

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Recording of Aleyant Webinar, ‘How to Grow Revenue Without Adding Overhead – Meet Print Workflow Automation’ Now Available


If you were not able to catch yesterday’s Aleyant webinar, ‘How to Grow Revenue Without Adding Overhead – Meet Print Workflow Automation’, you can download a video recording here.

Trends like shorter runs, more personalization, and more orders at lower volumes, warrant changes in the way jobs flow through your print business in order to grow profitability. Software is your main tool to drive workflow automation, while growing revenue without adding overhead.

Aleyant’s cloud-based print software solutions create an efficient, automated printing workflow from job submission to output, which means reduced manual touches, errors and production time for your print shop. Connect your online design to your online print store. Connect your print store to estimating and to prepress automation. Use them separately, together or with over 750 third party apps via direct API and Zapier.

Be sure to watch this webinar to learn more about how to make 2018 a more efficient and profitable year.

For more information regarding Aleyant’s print software solutions, please visit

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